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Digital Mirror

Digital Mirrors

We use digital measuring devices which are able to measure to 0.1mm accuracy and allows us to fit the latest manufacturers lenses.

We are the only practice in yorkshire to house TWO of the latest digital measuring devices – Hoya Mirror and Essilor Visioffice 3

Hoya Visureal

The HOYA VISUREAL Master appears as just another mirrored surface in our practice. Do not be deceived however, what lies behind this mirror is the latest tool for the precise measurement of your prescription eyewear.

For all spectacles, the performance lies in the accurate alignment of your prescription lenses to your eyes. No matter how a frame fits you, your lenses should be fitted specifically for where your eyes sit within the frame. This ensures you are looking through the centre of the lens, particularly critical for multifocals.

The new HOYA VISUREAL Master is a highly advanced combination of hardware and software. Armed with six-cameras engineered into an extremely flat mirror case, this device takes a photo of you wearing your new glasses in order to calculate all the necessary frame and facial measurements. No additional cumbersome measurement tools or photographs are required.

How we use the Hoya Mirror

  • Customers simply face the mirror at arm’s length, wearing their new frames in their natural posture. And that’s it!
  • The HOYA Mirror will then capture two frontal images. These images are assessed and corrections made if necessary.
  • All relevant data is displayed in a clear fashion including box dimensions, distance between lenses, face form angle, pupillary distance (PD), monocular pupillary distance, corneal vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and fitting height.
Hoya Mirror 1
Hoya Mirror 2

Visi-Office 3

Did you know that every eye is different, such as its shape, the way it moves etc and can differ from others by anything up to 30%? Just like you, your eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

The Visi-Office 3 takes three dimensional measurements that take into account how your eyes move, which intricately track and map your visual behaviour. Wherever your eye moves, that section of the lens is individually optimised.

A common misconception is that we simply point our eyes at what we look at and that is it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The area of visual field we use is actually very extensive and we need a lens that can adapt to that. We look through many different parts of a spectacle lens to do various tasks throughout our everyday lives. 


Visi Office

This machine measures precisely whether you naturally move your eyes to objects or move you head, and also how the frame lies on your face.

It measures every angle from how your face tilts to how the angle of the lens will affect the light entering your eye. It then maps the perfect combination of lens for you, which are completely bespoke and individually tailored. 

These bespoke precision measurements can now be done for any lens. This could be for distance or reading, sunglasses, occupational lenses and the list goes on. This means you can have a perfect vision regardless of the lenses you need.

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