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If your child is short sighted and at each visit to the opticians is resulting in stronger glasses- you need to ask about Myopia Control.  Airedale Opticians have a number of solutions to slow down the progression of short-sight.  Glasses and contact lenses!  Ask instore or see our website for more

Living with sight loss can be difficult to imagine. Sight Airedale In Keighley can help. If you know of anyone who would benefit from support then get in touch.
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Simulation of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic eye condition that causes the light-sensitive cells of the retina to fail.  This results in loss of peripheral...

**Dispensing Optician Vacancy**

Award winning Independent Practice in Keighley, West Yorkshire are seeking a Dispensing Optician who is style focussed with excellent customer service skills.

You will be joining a practice that delivers outstanding care and service – with the ...very latest dispensing and clinical equipment to match.  Using Essilor Visioffice, Hoya VisuReal and Hoya Mirror, you will provide Bespoke lenses, Boutique frames and niche products to a varied customer base. 

What we are looking for:
- A well presented person with an enthusiastic attitude
- Someone who is great with people
- Approachable and helpful
- Attention to detail
- Good at explaining products in plain english and to the techy engineer!
- Comfortable using technology
If you are interested in making a positive contribution to a business that serves its local community with the highest standards in care – apply with your CV and cover letter in strictest confidence to:

Mohammed Hafejee
Airedale Opticians
50 Towngate
BD21 3QE

Closing date 31st July 2021
Competitive Salary
No Sundays or Bank Holidays
Would Consider Nearly Qualified DO.

If you need quick, handy and subtle magnification there is nothing better than the easyPocket.  A credit card sized magnifier with high quality optics and a powerful LED light, it fits right into your pocket for everyday use.

Available at Airedale Opticians, contact us to arrange a viewing ...appointment.

Newly arrived from the design gurus at Etnia Barcelona, part of their new Summer 2021 sunglass range.

Fun and funky colours combined with premium quality frame and lens manufacturing gives you the best sunglass experience.  Available with prescription lenses too.

Available at ...Airedale Opticians, contact us to arrange a viewing appointment.

If you like your glasses with some real shine, the Pier Martino eyewear range offers superb detail, beautiful jewelling and good quality design making them suitable for all prescription lenses.

Available at Airedale Opticians, contact us to arrange a viewing appointment.

It’s love your lenses week - if you are thinking of trying contact lenses see our website for more info. 
If you currently wear contact lenses but struggle to get the comfort and vision you need, new products are continually being developed to improve your experience with contact lenses. 
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Are you a contact lens wearer?

In partnership with lens supplier Acuvue, we offer contact lens recycling in-practice.  Just bring your lenses, their plastic containers and the foil covers in a sealed plastic bag and we send them away for reuse.

Don't forget we also offer a ...wide range of contact lenses, including all major suppliers and specialist lenses as well.  As in-practice for any details.

New for our younger patients, Nike frames.

With the iconic logo, robust design and a selection of popular colours, the Nike frames are already proving very popular.

Available at Airedale Opticians, contact us to arrange a viewing appointment.

You can't ignore dry, sore or itchy eyes, but you can help to alleviate the discomfort with eye drops and solutions.

At Airedale Opticians we have the widest range of eyecare products and our team is happy to advise on the best ones for you.

Is this a fine piece of Tiffany jewellery?

Yes, but it is also one that will help you see.

Tiffany Eyewear combines the beauty and craftmanship of their iconic jewellery, with high quality eyewear design to give you a comfortable fit with a great look.

Available at ...Airedale Opticians, contact us to arrange a viewing appointment.

Live from our lab.

This beautiful Tom Ford sunglass frame now sports graduated grey tints with a light silver mirror - all in a prescription lens.

Prescription sunglasses don't need to be boring, from mirrors to colourful tints and polarising lenses, we can offer a wide range... of options to bring sunglasses to life.  Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

When you visit us at Keighley you might see this very fancy looking mirror when you call in.

In fact this VisiOffice machine is one of the most advanced measuring devices in the world, allowing us to personalise your varifocal lenses with extra measurements to give you the most precise in your new glasses.

Prescription sunglasses don't need to be complicated. Call in to see our great new Lacoste and Calvin Klein sunglasses and get single vision, bifocal and varifocal sunglass lenses for a great fixed price.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?

The Hoya Smart Mirror perhaps?

It might just look like a mirror, but this latest addition to our Keighley practice actually contains an array of cameras that take a range of lens measurements in a few seconds - this ...allows us to offer the most advanced, personalised varifocal lenses available with precision optics to give you the best vision.

Fresh looks for the summer, now in-store.

It looks like another lovely summer is coming and this year hopefully we will all get to enjoy some days out.

We've just put out some great new designer frames, including Calvin Klein Jeans and Lacoste and our new special sunglass ...pricing means adding your prescription is easier than ever.

Although lockdown is easing, we are continuing to offer a COVID safe environment in the practice and will do so for the forseeable future to keep you safe.

Our staff are still wearing full PPE, we thoroughly clean all surfaces and sterilise spectacles between use and deep clean the ...practice daily.

Eye testing is available, including routine tests.  We ask that you attend by appointment only and contact us by telephone to book appointments and with any other queries.

This might just look like a regular pair of children's glasses, but in fact it represents a revolution in children's eyecare and the most exciting development in a generation.

The new MiyoSmart lens is the first spectacle lens shown to actually slow-down worsening short sight in ...60% of children, helping to protect their long term visual health.

This exciting new lens is only available from certified practices - now including Airedale Opticians Keighley and Crosshills.  Call us today for more information on the MiyoSmart lenses.

If you or someone you know has Dry Macula Degeneration - and would like to take part in a new Genetic study - we would like to hear from you. 

The aim of the genetic screening study – called Telescope, is to advance research into the condition, which affects the middle part of ...people's vision.

We are looking for patients with Dry ARMD with Geographic Atrophy, who may have rare variations in specific genes.

Patients who have not had treatment for any other condition affecting the macula can take part. 

A saliva sample is taken and checked for rare genetic variations.  If a variation is found, the patient may then be invited to participate in a separate interventional gene therapy study which is looking at new treatments that could help improve vision.

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MiYOSMART is a spectacle lens that can slow the progression of short-sightedness in children.  For the first time a spectacle lens that’s specifically designed for Myopia. 

Available now at Airedale Opticians.

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A breakthrough in myopia management!  Find out more today:...

Young children need specially designed eyewear and at Airedale Opticians we make sure to keep a range of frames for pre-school children, including the highly popular Tomato glasses as well as designs with fitting straps for active children.

Our Dispensing Opticians are trained in fitting ...and recommending children's eyewear for a comfortable fit and experienced in fitting frames for children of all ages as well as measuring complex children's lenses. 

We are happy to accept hospital eye service prescriptions - please call us to arrange an appointment.

It's National Glaucoma week this week.

Included in your eye examination, we use a Zeiss Humphrey field analyser - the gold standard in checking for early signs of glaucoma.

New Cutler and Gross - love the bold look of these frames!
My next pair of glasses I think!

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Glasses wearers are less likely to catch covid! 
Interesting research. 


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Glasses wearers less likely to catch Covid

Researchers in India say people who wear glasses for more than eight hours a day are less likely to catch Covid-19 as they touch their faces less....

Airedale Opticians are pleased to announce the availability of Miyosmart. 

Miyosmart is a breakthrough in managing short-sightedness in children with spectacles. 

We can also slow the progression of short sightedness with special contact lenses like Ortho-K and Misight soft lenses! 
Airedale Opticians - your one stop shop for children who are short-sighted! 
To find out more give us a call! 

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Some people think rimless glasses are a bit dull and only meant to be invisible - but we've been exploring lens options and made these rimless frames into something eyecatching

With specially shaped lenses for an unmissable look and a fashion tint that complements the frame colours, ...these glasses are certainly not invisible.

We have a selection of rimless frames at both practices, call to arrange an appointment.

Snow Update 02/02/2021
Due to the snow we have cancelled today’s clinic.
You will be contacted shortly to rebook your appointment.
Stay warm, stay safe.