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Computers are an essential part of most working environments and technology is taking over much of our free time as well, these days it can be hard to book a holiday (soon hopefully!) or just pay a bill without internet access. Most adults spend over three hours a day using a computer screen, tablet or smartphone.

Yet most people do not have the most suitable glasses for computer use resulting in eye strain and headaches.

At Airedale Opticians our experienced staff offer tailored lenses for the office or for home near tasks like tablet use, or intricate tasks like sewing.

Tech-Ready Lenses

We carry a full range of lenses designed for use with computer, tablet or phone screens.

If you spend full days using screens, or just like relaxing in the evening with a tablet or Kindle, Digitime lenses provide a wide field of vision for the distance you use the most and come in three different versions, giving you a boost at the extremely close-up level, at arm’s length or on a more distant screen.

If you are looking for a pair for everyday use, the new EyeZen lenses from Essilor incorporate a slight compensation into the bottom of the lens to aide focussing on close-up objects like tablets and smartphones, without affecting your distance vision.

Come and see us in practice for more details about these lenses and how they can help you.

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