Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

Independent Prescribing Optometrists

Airedale Opticians at Keighley and Crosshills provide the MECS service. If you are registered with a GP in the Bradford, Airedale or Craven area we can see you for a NHS funded appointment for a recent onset eye condition.

Currently Airedale Opticians are the ONLY Independent Prescribing Optometrist using OCT, Optomap and IPL technology in the North of England (2024).

Please call the practice and speak to our staff who will take details and advise you further.

If you would like to book an appointment under MECS, please call the practices directly:

Keighley 01535 690077 

Crosshills 01535 635856

A MECS appointment is for any recently onset, serious eye health concern – for the full list of eligibility criteria please see the Bradford LOC website. The appointment will cover a health check but no spectacle prescription is issued. There is an NHS inclusion/exclusion criteria for MECS – We also offer private MECS appointments.

Why choose Airedale Opticians for your MECS appointment?

At Airedale Opticians you will be seen by our experienced Optometrists, who will provide advice and, if needed, treatment. If referral to hospital is needed, this can usually be done by our Optometrist directly on the same day.

Airedale Opticians is uniquely able to provide in-house treatment for certain conditions such as dry-eye or blepharitis, providing instant relief, rather than waiting for long referrals. We also carry the largest selection of eye drops, solutions and health products in-practice.

Emergency Eyecare Appointments outside of MECS

If you have any eye concerns that are not covered by a MECS appointment, or you are not registered with a local GP, we can still see you for an Emergency Appointment Privately. Contact the practice by telephone for more information or to book an appointment.

If you have any queries please contact the practice, or if you have an urgent eye health concern out of hours, please use the NHS 111 service.