Silhouette Elegance


Has luxury ever looked so light?

Masterfully crafted, with modern curves and playful lines, the Silhouette Elegance collection is aimed at eyewear connoisseurs who want glasses packed with personality.

Each model in the collection is hand-crafted with the utmost precision, passion and decades of experience in the heart of Austria. Their incredible comfort, unparalleled lightness and premium-quality materials make them true masterpieces. 

Explore our best selling styles from our Elegance collection below or click the following linkto download the full catalogue. 


The Artline Collection has been made using 23-carat gold-plated titanium to provide unprecedented lightness, flexibility, and durability—as well as being skin-friendly. Inspired by jewelry, the precious metal surfaces of the laser-cut eye rings are available in both monochrome and two-tone versions. The flagship model is a real head turner, with its octagonal shape and pure rose gold finish. Thanks to its intuitive design the Artline models have excellent build quality and are extremely comfortable to wear. 

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​Light Facette is a true study in contrasts, juxtaposing subdued matte colours with shimmering glossy surfaces. Its sparkling crystals adorn the wearer’s face with stunning elegance and femininity. With three lens shapes to choose from, there is a perfect choice to any face shape. The lenses are available in almond-style, cat-eye or butterfly shapes. The Swarovski crystals add the finishing touch to Light Facette’s ultralight titanium design. The colour combinations of exquisite Gold with crystal-colored gemstones, Rhodium with stunning Vintage Rosé, and Rosé Gold with black diamonds give this collection its unrivaled subtlety. With a timeless design made from high-quality materials in Austria, this charming collection unmistakably bears the Silhouette signature. 

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The 23-carat gold-plated frames create a stunning contrast with the sparkling crystals, turning these elegant, feminine designs from Silhouette into pieces of fine jewelry. The TNG Crystals collection also combines high-fashion with high-tech: each pair features innovative snap-hinge technology. These stunning prescription-lens models with hand-set crystals contour to the customer’s face for a perfect fit. Their incredible comfort, unparalleled lightness and premium-quality materials make them true masterpieces. 

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Why Choose Airedale Opticians to order your designer glasses?

Your glasses are fitted by a qualified Dispensing Optician or an experienced Optical Advisor and they will be happy to help you to find the right frame – we can give recommendations on the size, design and colour that works best for you and we can offer iPad photography so you can see yourself in your glasses. All frames are precisely fitted before you order them to ensure you will have a comfortable experience from the moment you collect them.