We don’t compromise on your vision or health of your eyes

Are you considering where to entrust your eye health and vision care? At Airedale Opticians we are invested in looking after your eyes – we are one of only a handful of Optometrists in the country to offer world class eyecare. From the equipment we use to examine your eyes (OCT, Optomap, Humphrey field screener, IPL, Biometry, Topographer and more) to the training and accreditation our staff undertake. You are safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the latest advice with the latest examination equipment. 

At Airedale Opticians we do things differently.

  • We allow much longer Eye Examination times – Please allow up to an hour for your Eye Examination appointment.
  • Our Optometrist (Mo Hafejee) is an Independent Prescribing Optometrist and often able to prescribe your medication instead of having to be referred to your GP, Hospital or other specialist.
  • Extra time means an unrushed consultation, giving us time to focus on your eyecare, providing eye health advice and discussing the results.
  • The practice is owned and run by our experienced Optometrists, Mohammed and Sarah, with over 25 years experience each. Each of our Optometrisits have continued their learning with numerous extra qualifications and accreditations.
  • Highly experienced and well trained practice team – on hand to assist with any queries about your eyes, glasses, contact lenses or any eye concern.

We have highlighted below some of the World Leading Equipment and Scanners Available at our Practice in Keighley

Why choose Airedale Opticians?

  1. Personalised care – We prioritise individualised attention. Unlike large chain stores, Airedale Opticians take the time to understand your unique visual needs, providing tailored solutions and personalised care plans to look after your eyes.
  2. Expertise and Experience – Benefit from the expertise and experience of our dedicated Optometrists. Our Opticians have a wealth of knowledge and skills ensuring you receive the best eye care and advice.
  3. Curated Eyewear Selection – uncover a distinctive range of eyewear options carefully curated to meet any style and facial feature. Airedale opticians feature unique, high-quality frames and lenses that are exclusive and can be bespoke to you.
  4. Community Connection – Support local business and foster a sense of community by choosing Airedale opticians. We are involved in many local charities and help fund many sporting clubs (Steeton Football Club, Manorlands, Glusburn Arts, Local flower shows and more!) Unlike the large chains our profits stay local and are re-invested locally.
  5. Cutting-Edge Technology – Airedale Opticians have invested in the latest advancements in eyecare technology. 3D OCT Scanners, Optos Ultrawidefield, Humphrey field screener, Topography, Biometry, IPL and more. Ensuring your vision is In the best possible hands.
  6. Customer-Focussed Atmosphere – Enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you’re more than just a customer. Airedale Opticians value building relationships and creating a relaxed and friendly environment – enhancing your overall eye care experience.
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Our Advanced Eye Examination fees reflect the extra time that we allow for the appointments and the greater Experience, Knowledge and Equipment we use.

See our private fees page for more details.