With the latest technology, over 95% of spectacle wearers can now wear contact lenses.

At Airedale Opticians, a large proportion of our customers attend for our expertise in contact lenses.

We provide assessments and on-going care for all types of contact lenses including Soft, Rigid Gas Permeables (RGPs), Night Lenses, Hybrids and Scleral contact lenses. Using the latest corneal topography scanners (eye maps), we are also able to provide contact lenses for eye conditions including Kerataconus and corneal ectasia (scarring and complications from laser eye surgery).

If you are experiencing discomfort, dryness or vision problems with your contact lenses, we specialise in providing expert advice, care and medical contact lenses to correct your vision.

Multifocal contact lenses in soft daily, 2 weekly, monthly or RGPs can also be tailored to you, providing glasses free vision when you find your close vision starting to change.

Why Choose Airedale Opticians?

  • Expert Fitting – Both our lead Optometrists, Mo and Sarah, have over 20 years experience in fitting contact lenses. As Optometrist contact lens experts, we are able to provide complete care that a contact lens optician (used commonly by the large chain opticians) have to refer back to Optometrists for further advice.
  • Technology – We use one of the latest Topographers – The Topcon Myah, to help us scan and map the front of your eyes to produce tailored contact lenses.
  • Experienced Teaching – new and returning contact lens wearers are taught by one of our Dispensing Opticians with experience teaching contact lens wear to patients from age 8 to 80!
  • Quality Aftercare – all contact lens follow-up appointments are performed by our experienced optometrists.
  • Widest Range of contact lenses – as an independent practice we can source the most suitable lens product for you – from any supplier!

Soft Contact Lenses

Our Independence allows us to use every contact lens manufacturer, providing you with unrivalled choice with the latest, most comfortable and breathable lenses available, including in multifocal options.

Some of the manufacturers we work with include:

Johnson and Johnson – Including Acuvue Moist and Oasys lenses

Alcon – Including Total 1, Precision 1, Air Optix and Night & Day lenses

Coopervision – Including Misight, Biofinity and Proclear lenses

Bausch and Lomb – Including Purevision HD and Ultra lenses

All the above manufacturers have options for long or short sightedness, for astigmatism and available as multifocals!

We offer a direct debit scheme with all our contact lenses. See info below.

Soft Daily Disposable Contact Lenses from £25 per month

Soft Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses from £22 per month

Soft Multifocal Lenses from £28 per month

Contact Lenses for Children

We specialise in fitting contact lenses to children, our Optometrists have over 20 years experience in fitting contact lenses. We have a nurturing style to allow children to embrace contact lenses at their own speed and provide a relaxed environment for children to learn how to handle, insert, remove and care for the contact lenses.

We can offer specialist lenses for children including Myopia Control and Night Lenses (Ortho-K lenses)

RGP and Scleral Lenses

Using our Topographer (Topcon Myah) to obtain detailed maps of the front of your eye, we can produce the most comfortable lenses providing excellent vision and long term eye health. We are able to produce RGP, Hybrid and Scleral contact lenses to nearly any prescription!

Scleral contact lenses are specially designed to sit over the front of your eye, often used as medical contact lenses they are very useful for patients suffering from Dry Eye, Keratoconus or with complicated prescriptions requiring the most comfortable lens with excellent vision. 

Scleral and hybrid lenses also have the widest power range of all contact lenses.

Cost of Scleral Contact Lenses – From £600* – depending on final design and material.

*Fitting fees apply

For more information about Scleral Contact Lenses CLICK HERE.

Monthly Contact Lens Direct Debit Scheme Benefits:



per month

  • Eye Examinations - as regularly as you need them!
  • Inclusive Contact Lens Checks/Aftercare
  • Home Delivery Of Contact Lenses (where available)
  • Free Trail of New Soft Lenses
  • Reduced Contact Lens Pricing
  • 3D OCT & Optomap Scans
  • Emergency Eyecare Appointments
  • Free Replacement Contact Lenses (Soft Daily, 2-Weekly and Monthly)
  • Half Price Replacement RGP and Scleral Lenses
  • Up To 25% Discount on Spectacles
  • Up To 25% Discount on Sunglasses
  • Priority Appointments - With Your Chosen Optometrist