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E-Scoop Lenses for Macula Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of sight loss in the United Kingdom. Affecting the central vision, it makes seeing fine details such as reading very difficult or almost impossible. Through the development of the E-Scoop lens, there is hope for sufferers of AMD whose sight has deteriorated through this condition (or other macular diseases). The new lenses look like no other spectacle lens. The unique curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating could bring improvement to your vision.

How Does E-Scoop Work?

The E-Scoop lens is a patented spectacle lens which has been with the following optical features:

  • The thickness and curve of the lens ensures a magnification of up to 7% for distance or reading.
  • The prism effect incorporated into the lens moves the image from the damaged manual degeneration area to a healthier part of the macula/retina
  • The yellow colour provides more contrast and a reduction of the sensitivity for daylight and sunlight.
  • The anti-reflection coating helps to reduce glare. 

Who is the E-Scoop Lens designed for?

The E-scoop lens is principally developed for people with macular degeneration. The beneficial effect of E-scoop spectacles will be experienced at every stage of macular degeneration. The E-Scoop lens can also assist people suffering from reduced vision, caused by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa.

The lenses can give you:

  • Improved magnification 
  • Reduction of your sensitivity to light and glare
  • Better recognition of details
  • Improved contrast
  • Improved depth perception

What can the E-scoop lens offer me when I have macular degeneration?

When booking your eye examination with Airedale Opticians, please inform the staff you are interested in the E-Scoop lenses. Our expert Optometrists will investigate and check suitability during your eye examination and confirm if you will benefit from the E-Scoop. 

Learn more about E-Scoop – Here

Without E- Scoop (AMD)
With E-Scoop for AMD