State Of The Art In-House Optical Lab


At Airedale Opticians we have invested in advanced glazing equipment which allows us to cut and tint lenses for the majority of frames in-practice, rather than having to send them away for assembly. This speeds up the process and allows us much more control over the finished product, helping us to ensure they exceed your expectations in quality, design and accuracy.


In many cases, your spectacles never need to leave the practice, reducing the risk of postal delays and allowing us to have them ready for you much faster.

For single vision lenses, we can offer a next day service on a wide range of prescription lenses, including thinner and Light 2 Dark lenses. By appointment we are also able to offer a 1 hour glazing service for select prescriptions and frame types, contact us for more details.

For varifocals, we can offer an Urgent service, with new glasses completed and ready within 2 working days. This service covers a wide selection of our best varifocal lenses, including a wide prescription range, thinned down and Light 2 Dark lenses. Contact us for more details.


If you choose rimless glasses or select half-rim designs, we are able to offer you a range of lens customisation options. Our glazing machine can cut lenses to any shape and size, so if you like the idea of classically rounded, or distinctive hexagonal lenses, we can cut the lenses to fit.

We can also tint lenses in-house and can offer a wide range of colours, beyond the normal grey and brown. Consider a yellow tint to enhance contrast while driving, an orange tint for target sports or a pink tint for that classic rose tinted look. We can also provide tints to aid with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome, see our Visual Stress Testing page, or ask in practice for more details.