Myopia Control With MiYOSMART Spectacles

MiYOSMART Spectacles were the first spectacle lenses available in the UK for myopia control. Using revolutionary D.I.M.S technology, a three-year published study has shown Miyosmart to slow the progression of myopia by an average of 60% when worn full time. There is a 3 year published research study with Miyosmart.

Available EXCLUSIVELY in Keighley and Crosshills at Airedale Opticians, these lenses are designed for daily use and look just like normal lenses, but they contain the latest developments in lens technology. We have samples in store for demonstration.

Myopia Control MiYOSMART Spectacles available from £29.00* Per Month

*£29.00 Per Month Eyeplan Fee, £60.00 Joining Fee. 12 Month minimum contract. Includes Accidental Damage Cover.

Miyosmart lenses can be purchased without joining the Eyeplan scheme.